Hostel Facilities

Hostels are run by the College. Mess charges, Hostel fees etc. are to be paid monthly in advance as per instructions of the College authorities.

Code of Conduct

All the admitted students shall abide by the rules of the college / School and keep norms and decorum of the Institution. They should wear the Uniform as prescribed by the college / School.

A complete Physical check up will be held after selection of candidates and the relevant dates will be intimated to the concerned candidate.

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the College Campus.

Students are requested to co-operate to maintain the building and the campus clean and spotless,as well as to keep the furniture, laboratory equipments and other properties of the School / College without loss or damages. This is the collective responsibility of the students.

Late entry to class rooms or Lab/Duty will not be allowed.

The identity card issued by the college must be prominently displayed on the chest by each student. Mere possession of the card is not enough. If the identity card is lost duplicate identity card will be issued in deserving cases on payment.

Directions of the Principal and other staff in respect of academic matters and general discipline must be strictly complied with by all students.

Ragging is a cognizable offence and punishable under provision of Kerala prohibition of Ragging Act 1998. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his / her explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would expel the student from the college / hostel. This clause is applicable for students of all courses conducted by the College of Nursing, College of Paramedical Sciences and College of Pharmacy.

International Yoga Day Celebration

Phone Nos. To contact
Prof. Mrs. SOMY. T.V Principal &HOD 9497874790
Vice Principal 9895359383

Students will be liable to compensate for broken, lost or damaged Equipments / Instruments / Books.

Students are expected to comply with the Rules, Regulations and policies of the Hospital and Colleges / School. They are liable to be dismissed for misconduct or repeated negligence. If a Student for any reason leaves before completion of the course, she / he has to pay full course fee with fine as penalty.

Original mark lists and certificates should be produced at the time of admission. Original mark lists and certificates S should not be sent with the applications. The college cannot take any responsibility for the loss of original documents sent with the applications.

The college reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason.

Students will be selected for admission according to the rules in force for various courses from time to time.

No candidate will be admitted without interview and the presence of the guardian at the time of interview is essential.

Pls. Note:

The Govt, of Kerala as per GO(Rt) No.346/2005/H Edn / dt:01-03- 2005 and Calicut University as per circular No. SW(3)/332/2010 dt:27-03- 2010 have prohibited the mobile phone, cinematic dance and fashion shows in educational institutions.


The College encourages the students to indulge in sports activities that include outdoor games like cricket, badminton, basketball etc. Students also get other recreational facilities.

Lamp Lighting Ceremony

Placement Cell

The Nursing College has a dynamic placement cell attached to the hospital that identifies the industry needs from time to time and prepares its graduates through training and PI programmes to meet the challenges. The placement cell invites top Medical Colleges/hospitals, Nursing Colleges and Schools for the placement inside the country as well as abroad.


Publication of personnel profile at the end of the course.

Generating opportunities for Employment in Gulf and other foreign countries.

Rules and Regulations

Students are requested to strictly follow the rules and regulations of the Hostel. The violation of the rules and regulations are punishable.

Students should

Be courteous, gentle and polite in their dealings with the inmates and other workers.

Strictly follow the mess time table

Breakfast 6.30 AM - 7.30 AM
Lunch 1.00 PM - 2.00 PM
Tea 4.00 PM - 4.30 PM
Dinner 7.00 PM - 8.00 PM

Onam Celebration

Students are expected to take the meals in the mess itself.

Strictly follow the study time (8.00 PM - 10.30 PM).

Maintain strict silence during the study hours.

All the lights should be switched off at 11.00 PM except in the launch.

Pay the mess fees before 5th of each month (Those who do not pay before the 10th are fined).

Strictly follow the visiting time (Between 4.00 PM -6.00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays).

Strictly follow the visitors list (not more than 3).

Prior permission must be taken for going out


Out pass - 5.00 PM - 6.00 PM. Special pass - Once in a week Home pass - Once in a month.
Students are allowed to go home only with the parents or Local guardian.


Special holidays are as per government norms.

Rooms and Bathrooms should be kept neat and tidy

All students are expected to sleep in their own rooms.

Ragging is strictly prohibited in the hostel and hostel premises, and is punishable as per the act 1998.

Rules and Regulations are subject to change whenever felt necessary by the authorities.




The Moulana Superspeciality Hospital

The Moulana Hospital is actively participating in all the Governmental Health and Family Welfare Programmes like Informal Education, Health Education Immunization programme, Integrated Child Development Programmes, National Blind Control Programmes, Polio Eradication Programme, National Leprosy Control Programme etc.

Hospital Programmes